Fortified hill 2 mm. B. A Giannitsi village. Dominates the small beach, an eerie fortress inaccessible to countless legends and traditions of mouth arrive until today, for hidden treasures on earth, underground secret tunnel leading to the sea and others.
The fort that protected the natural harbor of ancient valleys according to all indications, was near the current Limionas when the sea before bazothei from deep river went far beyond. A fortress that controlled the high seas of the Aegean and maritime routes to Asia Minor, and the passage between Kavodoro and Andro.I fortification of most of the western side of the castle, is ensured by huge cliffs watching your cause vertigo . This great natural fortification with a wild beauty, breathtaking.
The ancient castle of Fylagra used in the Middle Ages. The Catalan historian Anthony Rubio Luke in his study of the Catalan fortresses in Greece wrote:
Other powerful fortress held by Catalan (Spanish) in Evia was the Fylagra. On 11 May 1321 after controversy signed agreement – a truce between the Venetian with then Vail Evia and the Catalans the HAND Alfonso Frederick was forced to destroy the walls of Fylagra and not to build another castle in Karystos region, and the Venatsianoi not to build another castle between Armenia and Karystos. It is obvious that that still exists is that was left after the demolition.





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