All findings of the Museum presented for the first time in public. The presence of fossil mammals in Cherry has been known since the decade 1960-1970. In 1986 he made the first short excavations from Duke Constantine Lecturer at the University of Athens in collaboration with the University of Utrecht. In 1992 Professor Evangelos Velitzelos, scientific director of the study of the Petrified Forest of Kerasia, indicated in the research excavations realization team the presence of bones in Cherry area at Valles position.

In 1992 held in Cherry trial excavation funded by the University of Athens Research Committee. From excavations it became clear that the region have a particular scientific interest. That same year identified several fossiliferous sites in the region. In the coming years, paleontological excavations funded by the Regional Council, to collect material to be adorned a room in Cherry. The years that followed, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the new funded from the excavations (PHASE A) under the PLUS programs with the same purpose. Finally in 2006 SE funded the University of Athens to make a brief excavation within realization of the exhibition in Cherry.



Kerasia Evia


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