Notre Dina is a small chapel in North Evia, near Istiaia, where a miraculous icon of the Virgin.

For the name there are two main versions:

The first relates to the history of the image, where according to tradition Turkish Ottoman soldier during the Ottoman period, shot the image in an attempt to kill a Greek who hunted resorting hid behind the image. According to tradition, the miraculous icon “returned” the realm of religious community soldier and killed him. This version is supported by the existence of the point of firing the gun of Turku in the face of the Virgin and particularly the Front. The “return” of the ball, gave the name to the Virgin named Mary Dina Donna from the Turkish word “Donus” which means “return” (ie Lady of return).

The second version, equally important, but it does not seem to be prevailing yields with some phonetic alliteration or paraphrase altered the local singularity of space, because a few meters from the church there is a stream of water from local sources is said to date diniorema. So the Lady Dina, and some call it, still Dinious Mary, owes its name from its position near diniorema.

However it is worth noting that the image is the inscription “Panagia Eleousa”. According to estimates by the miraculous picture may have been painted and even the 11th century, or a bit later (between the 14th or 16th century), but “xanafilotechnimeni” on previous image back to the 10th or 11th century. Its history, however, has not been fully elucidated. It is worth noting that the church was reconstructed in the 1960s, and is located within a private area that dates back to the late Ottoman period and close to the head region has a rich archaeological interest. There is also a rich tradition for miracles or even appearances of Mary. The church is located in a very prestigious area. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and celebrates on August 23 (day performance of the Assumption feast). In celebration flocking many visitors. The offerings in the image reveal the miraculous effect of this image of the Virgin.





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