Train Halkida station located at the entrance of Halkida, near the old bridge Eurypon on the part of the mainland. The station building was built in 1905, it has special architectural features and has been designated as protected.

The construction of the station was legislated in 1889 by Law APSME / 04.07.1889 the construction and operation of railway line Piraeus-Larissa and borders but launched in 1902 after the establishment of the Greek Railway Company (ECA). The opening of the station took place on March 6, 1904 with the delivery of raw 121chlm line, when given an official dinner for 400 people on site, with the presence of three warships, one English, one French and one Greek. The station was opened to traffic two days argotera.O station had 50 cubic meters water tower and turntable.

In 1915 the station was served with two pairs routes daily to and from Athens, which over the years grew to five and the ’70s, after the doubling of Athens Inoi-line nine. In 1980 the routes, which since 1978 called “suburban” increased to 19 zefgi.To 2000 the station building was declared a protected monument.

In 2008 began the reconstruction of the station, as part of the modernization of suburban Athens network and its electrification. Original intention of OSE was the transfer using the warehouse building adjacent to the new station and the lease of the old station in idiotes.Ystera protest from local authorities and society change of use of the station building was canceled but the transferring piers several meters from the station building proceeded.

Today the station is served by the suburban train to Piraeus.





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