10 reasons to visit Evia

10 reasons to visit Evia

Read 10 reasons you should definitely visit the magical island of Evia.

1. Fantastic scenery – mountains, gorges and valleys

1_fantastiko_topioThe central Evia landscape dominated by Mount Dirfys (Dirfys). At 1,743m altitude, there are dense forests of chestnut trees, oaks and fir trees, and there is also a magic view of the Aegean and the Evoikos Gulf. This term is especially popular in the winter months to lovers of cycling and climbing, and for those who love climbing on ice.

2. Amazing beaches

2_ekpliktikes_paraliesEvia consists of beautiful, and usually remote beaches, surrounded by mountains and pine forests. You will find both sandy beaches with umbrellas, deck chairs, bars and every kind of shop needed for holiday needs, and remote beaches with stunning canyons and mountains, suitable for exploration.

3. Remote villages and warm hospitality

3_apomakrismena_xwriaAncient stone paths link the picturesque villages, hidden in the mountainsides. Walk into any point of any picturesque village and enjoy the magical picture of nature and the fantastic hospitality of the local people who represent the face of “Real Greece”.

4. Incredible story

4_apisteuti_istoriaEvia has been inhabited since the Stone Age and settled by Ionian Greeks, as mentioned in Homer’s Iliad. Went the Roman republic the second century and then the Venetians in the twelfth century. The island came under the control of the Ottoman Empire in 1470 and eventually joined the Greek kingdom after the Greek Revolution in 1830.

5. Archaeology and Architecture

5_arxaiologiaEvia represented by archeology and architectural elements in all periods of history, including: Roman quarries and aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Frankish castles Mycenaean tombs.

6. Delicious food

6_nostimo_fagitoEvia is a traditional island. Dozens of restaurants provide the best quality seafood, squid, octopus, red mullet, clams, fresh seasonal vegetables, skewers, meat portions, always accompanied by excellent salads and appetizers. Evia is well known for its honey, olives, figs, cherries and many types of cheese.

7. Crystal waters

7_kristallina_neraThere are complicated scientific reasons which, that the Sea consists of both clear blue waters. One of the reasons that are impressive and clear blue waters ideal for diving and swimming is the absence of plankton.

8. Adventure

8_peripeteiaThe enchanting landscapes of Evia, convert it into a paradise for nature lovers. Hiking, climbing, sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, mountain biking, 4×4 off-roading, trail biking, diving, canoeing, fishing …

9. easy accessibility

9_eukoli_prosvasimotitaThe capital of Evia, Halkida, is just an hour from Athens airport. Two road bridges spanning the narrow gap from the mainland to the island, so access is easy all year.

10. Natural resources

10_fusikes_pigesOn the coasts of northern Evia, Edipsos, often referred to as a “spa town” of Evia, due to the famous natural hot springs and mineral springs located there. These majestic waters and more than 80 spas, have attracted millions of visitors.