Mantoudi in Evia. Visit and find information about accommodation (hotels, rental rooms), food, beaches and entertainment!
Mantoudi is a beautiful town in northern Evia that combines mountain and sea. It is centrally located on the road from Halkida to all tourist destinations in Northern Euboea. The route to Mantoudi is unique. This is one of the most beautiful trails in Greece as you will find yourself in an area with many plane trees, on the waters of the small but very picturesque river Kirea with its bridges and clear waters. The important church of Saint John of the Russians is also located in the neighboring village of Prokopi within 10 minutes. Kymasi, the beach known for its crystal clear waters and beauty, is about 3 minutes from the square. There you can enjoy a bath, a coffee or a meal. Its beach is large with sand and pebbles. Characteristic of the area is the bridge that crosses a small "river" formed by the sea and Kotroni, the big rock of the beach, where one can swim there. The beach has a small port for Skiathos and Skopelos during the summer months!

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