Find in Achladi Evia hotels and rental rooms for accommodation, dining, beaches & attractions from a wide list of businesses in EviaGreece! Achladi is a village in Evia of Mandoudi-Lake-Agia Anna. The settlement belongs to the municipality of Nileos and the municipality of Achladio and according to the 2011 census has 266 inhabitants. The beach of the village is called Frangaki. Achladi is a beautiful village built in a pine forest, with the residents engaged in livestock farming and agriculture. Outside of Achladi there is a beach called Frangaki (4.5km from the village), which is a very beautiful one, which on the right (towards the side of Agia Anna) has sand on both the beach and the beach. at the bottom while on the left there is sand and a few pebbles. The beach is rocky and belongs to the Aegean Sea, about 2 km long and is quite clean. It perfectly combines the mountain with the sea and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Evia. The pear is 220 meters above sea level.

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