The best sights of Evia

The best sights of Evia

Below we present some of the best sights of Evia.

Archaeological Museum of Eretria

arxaiologiko_mouseio_eretriasThe Archaeological Museum of Eretria includes fascinating House of Mosaics, dating from the 4th century. B.C. Exhibit signature, features a depiction of the mythical Medusa, whose tresses were converted into living snakes from the goddess Athena as revenge for dalliance Medusa and Poseidon in the temple of Athena.

Archaeological Museum of Karystos

arxaiologiko_mouseio_karistouKarystos, as mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, was a powerful city-state during the Peloponnesian War. The exhibits in the range of the museum, giving tiny Neolithic clay lamps in a report on drakospita 6th BC century. The museum is located opposite the castle.

Monastery Galataki

moni_galatakiThe location to which is actually fascinating as it is constructed in oropedini located 200 meters above sea level thus having a magnificent view to the Evian and the coast of opposite situated Viotia. The monastery is dedicated to St. Nicholas (sea prostate and replacement somehow Neptune) and celebrates both the official celebration of St. (December 6) and on May 20th, the anniversary of the translation of his relics.

Red House

kokkino_spitiThe Red House of Malliou family decorates quay on the north side of the city beach. It belongs to the municipality Halkida. Throughout the house faces II. The corners are built with stone blocks, and the whole surface is coated with stone and windows to the entrance is marble and form over gables. Causing admiration in modern architects for how Constantine Flegga had adapted the rock surrounded on three sides by sea.

Folklore Museum of Kymi

laografiko_mouseio_kimisThe museum has rich collections of objects, which represent the following sectors of handicrafts: weaving, embroidery, costumes, metalwork, pottery, wood carving, folk painting, stone sculpture.