Vasiliko in Evia. Find ideal destinations for accommodation (hotels, rental rooms), beaches and food via Vasiliko is a town in central Evia. Lefkandi is administratively under Vasilikos. It is located in one of the most fertile areas of Evia and is a very developed area. The main employment of the residents of Vassilikos is in the industries of the region and in the agricultural sector, while there is also strong growth in tourism. It is a traditional city of 7-8 thousand inhabitants, with neoclassical buildings. Just north of the historic center of Vasilikos is a medieval square tower. The tower is 17.5 meters high and 8.2 meters wide.The entrance to the tower was made by a door that was 7 meters above the ground. In the past there was a wooden staircase, and today an external metal staircase has been built. The tower has been restored by the 23rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. Since 2010 it has been operating as an information center for the towers of Evia.

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