The 10 best places in Greece for camping

The 10 best places in Greece for camping

We all feel the need to sleep under the stars, feel the waves of the sea, to light a fire on the beach. All this can be realized by free camping.


1_gaudosEach summer, Gavdos is a top destination for campers everywhere. With tall, sandy beaches and cedar trees offering shade from the midday sun and support for your scene. In St. John and Bass will be forgotten. As forgotten campers who arrive in early summer and go when the first catch cold. For dining, the restaurants in St. John and Sarakiniko offer plenty of fish, but also lamb with potatoes in the oven. In plus, amazing desserts of the island.

Kato Koufonisi

2_katw_koufonisiA few miles from Koufonissi is a small paradise. Kato Koufonisi is the personification of calm. With blue waters and amazing beauty beaches, you will find somewhere to set it up the tent. For dining you’re going stou Venetsanou, an eerie tavern-like scene from “Lord of the Rings’ and flavors that will remind your mom.


3_irakleiaThe westernmost point of the eastern Cyclades has grace. The island never was captured by the dictatorship of the racket and suntan oil. Whether you choose sand or pebbles to setup your scene, it depends on what type you are. The menu has a wonderful kid spit, moussaka, amazing fava xynomyzithra, pitaridia, cream cheese and lobster.


4_samothrakiHere the vegetation is rampant. Rivers, seas, vathres everywhere and “kavantzes” to set up your tent too many. To select river, the sea is everywhere. Christ, Heaven and Old, is one of the most striking points. For food not worry, just try the semi-wild goat, cooked in various recipes, zucchini, and sweet praousti. Do not look at Google maps, ask the locals for everything. They will be happy to help you …


5_agkistriPopular destination for free campers, since it is very close to Athens. The green left-overs on the island, so do not worry about shade (unless you choose to be a step away from the sea). Dragonera and Chalikiada are the top spots. The food is easy to Agistri, since you can find taverns, where you do not expect it. Will lead the smell. Besides campers paradise, the island is a must place for families. The crystal clear waters and the beauty of the landscape has won all.


6_tilosThe dividend and the plate are the two favorite spots of free campers Tilos. You will not worry much about fine, since the island is free camper friendly and the place authorities are well aware that the free campers are boosting the economy. Tilos will find toilets and showers made with the blessing of the locals. The menu on Tilos has goat in parchment paper, fresh fish, shrimps on the island and vegetables from the garden.


7_eviaChiliadou, is a particularly popular destination for free campers, since the access is fast and have more time for diving. The beach is huge so do not worry about cornering. You will find a rocks (of many) to set it near the scene. Right next door is a nudist beach with rock landmark. “Nudist beach AP 1043 to 1081 “is written in white paint. In the surrounding area you will find 1-2 canteen for coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches, and there are just above the beach 2-3 tavernas with fresh fish and cooked.


8_donousaPerhaps the most friendly island to to free campers. The beaches where you “set it” is both. The Lawn and Cedar. In the Meadow you will feel what it really means camping, since it will be completely detached from civilization. This means that there is not a canteen for cold water. In Cedar, where they set the scene the most, a beach bar with water, food and showers, while the distance to the port on foot. Nevertheless, there are awesome -kavantzes- places where you can “hide” the eyes of all.


9_kaiafasThe stunning sandy beach in Ilia, we tend to call Caiaphas, being located opposite the lake, is the ideal place to set up your tent. After killing the 2007 fire, the vegetation has begun to take up and will surely find a spot with shade. From food, you will not need to look in particular. Taverns with roast pork and local meat along the street. Nearby Zacharo and with meats, fish restaurants and many cafes. Do not forget to visit the lake Caiaphas, to get glimpse of the impressive landscape.


10_pilioMelani, Ascension and Parisena. Three beaches of Pelion that have not invaded by the “culture” of sun beds and feature blue waters. Melanie is a great Aegean beach in South Pelion, near Argalasti. A tavern located near the beach, offers good seafood. Ascension and Parisena located in the northern part of Chorefto. You will find as you follow a wooded path. There tavern just before the beach of Ascension with beautiful homemade dishes.