Zarakes in Evia. Visit and find information for accommodation, dining, beaches, attractions etc. Zarakes is a quiet picturesque village of Evia. It has an altitude of 120 meters and a permanent population of about 600 people. Until 1953 it was called Zarka. The village actually consists of two neighborhoods. They all live in the new neighborhood. More picturesque, however, is the old neighborhood, called Mahalas. Zarakas Beach or Fryniakos Beach is 4-5 kilometers from Zarakas. Its name indicates the strong winds blowing in the area. The settlement of Zarakas Beach is a rapidly growing settlement, with many holiday villas. The Purple Cave in Zarakas is a well-hidden treasure that came to light in the summer of 2014. The purple cave was named after the purple marine plants that exist inside it and specifically on the side walls. Access to the cave by seaor by a long hiking trail.

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