Evia 10 best places for water tourism

Evia 10 best places for water tourism

Among the 10 best places for sailing cruises is the island of Evia, according to the National Geographic book “Travels of Life» (Journeys of a Lifetime) – nationalgeographic.com.

Evia occupies the 10th place in the list of best places in the world for sailing cruises.

Evia is separated from the mainland by only 130 feet (40 meters) and is the second largest island in Greece. It is a rugged coastline with wide beaches, steep cliffs full of mountains with villages and monasteries. Sailing a boat you can enjoy the remote beaches of Evia and private islands Petalioi and other beautiful parts of Evia.

The remaining 9 parts is

1. Nova Scotia and Labrador, Canada

2. San Juan Islands, Washington

3. Pirate cruise to Grand Cayman Island

4. French Polynesia

5. Cruise in Andaman sea, Thailand

6. Bay Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

7. Seychelles

8. Cruise in the Strait of Hormuz, Oman

9. Lamu Island, Kenya

Source: www.eviaportal.gr