Chalkida in Evia. Find top destinations for accommodation, food, beaches and sights from a wide list of businesses in EviaGreece. Chalkida is the capital of the Evia prefecture of the region of Central Greece with approximately 90,000 inhabitants. It is built on both sides of the stream of Euripos with one part located on the island of Evia and the other part in Central Greece. On its continental side on the hill of Kanithos dominates the Venetian castle of Karababa which along with the bridge of Euripos and the unique phenomenon of changing the water direction every six hours are its most important features. Halkida has several remarkable and important sights:
  • At its entrance is the impressive new Cable Bridge, a state-of-the-art technological breakthrough that helps to make the city easier to access and to avoid traffic congestion in its center.
  • The Old Mobile Bridge is used by visitors as a point of observation of the alternating water movement of the Evian Gulf. In its present form it was built in 1962. There is also an archaeological and folklore museum in the city.
  • The Town Hall which is housed in the Kotsika Palace. It dominates the beach of the city with its beautiful architecture and wonderful balance of volumes.
  • The Red House of the Mallu family adorns in the Kripidoma on the north side of the town beach. Built in 1884 by the French architect Flegis. It belongs to the municipality of Chalkis.
  • The Archaeological Museum contains findings from excavations made in various parts of Euboea and mainly in Eretria. The Folklore Museum includes rare objects, weapons, coins, traditional clothes, etc.
  • The Turkish Mosque houses a Byzantine collection, mainly of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine sculptures, ceramics, while various works of art are on display at the Municipal Art Gallery.
  • In the center of the Kastro district is the Medieval Church of Agia Paraskevi, which is a Byzantine temple rebuilt by the Venetians in the 14th century. He is the patron saint of the city and is celebrated every year from July 26 until August 2.
In your tour you should also visit:
  • The House of Statues across from the Red House
  • The church of Ag. Nicholas with byzantine style with remarkable hagiographies
  • The Central Public Library in St. Nicholas
  • The Municipal Art Gallery
  • The Art Workshop at the square Ag. Demetriou
  • The church of Ag. Demetriou, the metropolis of the city
  • The Historical Archive is housed in the Kriezotis mansion
  • The Courthouse on El. Venizelos, whose architect was Matthaios Kamaras (1909), who designed other buildings of the time in the city of Chalkida
Other sights include the Veli-Baba Fortress and Kara-Baba Castle. Down the road that leads to the castle of Karababa and to a place where one has a panoramic view of Chalkis and the Euboean gulf, the author Yiannis Skaribas. Fountain Municipality of Chalkida See Chalkis from the drone Here

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