Prokopi in Evia. Visit and find information about accommodation (hotels, rental rooms), dining, beaches, attractions.

Prokopi in Evia is located in the valley of the river Kirea and is about 1 hour from Chalkida. The whole area around Prokopi is one of the most beautiful areas not only of Evia but of the whole of Greece. You know Prokopi when traveling from and to North Euboea, making it the ideal destination, combining it with pilgrimage to the central church of the village, Saint John of Russia. In Prokopi we find a museum, the wooden Forest Museum. Also worth a visit is the old church of Agios Konstantinos as well as a magnificent promenade on the hill opposite the church of Saint John of Russia. The area is generally full of small churches. The feast of Saint John of Russia, which is perhaps the most well-known pilgrimage destination for Orthodox Christians, is May 27, the day on which is celebrated. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit the miraculous Saint of the region.

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