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Violet pastry – bread, brown and sweet.Bakery-Pastry Shop-Coffee

At Dionysiou and Nicosia Street just before the beach starts in Lefkandi all of us need to make a stop at Violeta, the reference point in Lefkandi. Violetta bakery is the only authentic bakery and pastry shop in the area and it is worth trying its varied delicacies.

The brand of espresso Carraro coffee stands out a special Italian blend that we will find exclusively there. An espresso Carraro freddo or caldo, as only barista make it in Violet, is enough to start the day in the best mood.

Special mention is needed in the dips and pastries that will amaze us. A wide variety and range accompany our breakfast and every snack in the day. Don’t forget to try the delicious puff pastry. They are waiting for us warmly to fill us with true delight.

The most delicious experience in Violetta is handmade sweets. Made in the laboratory, with passion and with the most authentic recipe, they are waiting for us fresh to try them.

The menu of Violetta complements the freshly baked steamed bread that you will find at the best price and will accompany your every meal during the day.

There is a beautiful choice for coffee and not only is the Violet CAFÉ which is the pleasant pleasure proposal.

Coffees, crepes, waffles, puff pastry, sweets, a wide variety of sandwiches etc

they are waiting for you to enjoy them from 8 AM, while with a phone at

22213-11828 all come to your place.





Karaoli 349, Chalcis 340 02





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