In the heart of Lelantine field on a rocky, but smooth hill with two peaks, the base of which the river passes Lilantion, they are built two towers which are preserved in good condition. These two towers have the task, among other things, to control and secure the waters of the river for better water Halkida and watering the rich plain. The sources said that in 1429 in one of the two towers probably the potamarchis lived, that is, a Venetian officer who supervised the flow of the river, the irrigation of fields and the maintenance of the marvelous water supply system of Chalkis.

But the towers were another key destination. These took refuge locals where banditry, piracy or other hostile raids. The towers guards overlooks the u horizon immediately warned residents about the danger to catch up to shut the towers and castles or take refuge in the dense forests and mountains, avoiding in this way the death or captivity.

The first of the east tower is square, has a width of 6.10 m. And equally long. The entrance of the tower at a height of 6 m. From the surface. The most striking feature of this tower, which dates from the 15th century, are the four circular openings in the upper part, giving the impression that the tower brought watch discs on all four sides. Not this case, the tower of Lilantio field must be considered as the oldest clock tower in Greece, and perhaps in the whole Balkan Peninsula.

The other tower has a length of 7.5 m. And 7 m. Wide. The ports for light weapons located in the lower part of the walls and battlements shaped M, suggesting the military character of the building.

Both towers are made slowly (raw) stones, but arranged with great care and welded with plaster.
In many parts of rubble placed pieces of bricks for durability and solidity.



Mytikas Halkida


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