Tower or Tower Drosini Gouves, located in Gouves, a village near Artemisio in North Evia. It is a building of the 19th century, Venetian architecture, built on a hill which dominates the entire region.

The house dates after 1800 and was constructed by Ibrahim Aga. The architectural designs of the era had a slave who was called Ahmet, even said that in return Ibrahim Agha gave him his freedom. The story says that those who worked taking in consideration sprouts from the tower of Aga who was prone to alcohol but also very tough.
All this had given rise to a legend around the tower that says that once Ibrahim Agha after many tortures, slaughtered with a knife Arab servant. Even the blood of an Arab servant for many years remained indelible in the walls of the room that was the killer. So after the Aga tower passed into the hands of the poet’s grandfather Drosini 1831 where I grew up and poet C. Drosinis. After liberation from the Turks, the tower was sold to Alexander Thesylla and Baptist Drosos, who in turn sold him to Constantine Petrokokkinou, grandfather of George Drosini.

In this tower, he spent many summers of his life, the poet Georgios Drossinis. Here he wrote many of his poems, like “Lament of the Beautiful” talking about his favorite Evmorfia Kollias. The Pretty was a simple milkmaid, and the first youthful love of the poet. The poem he wrote when he learned that the married by force to a timber merchant and died of decline.

Today, the tower is part of the municipality of Artemisio and halls exhibited folk art from the region.





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