Pharos Halkida, aged 130 years, is located in the Cape of Bad Kefalis.To Lighthouse network currently has 120 traditional lighthouses middle aged about 2 centuries. Only 20 are in good condition and medium condition other 30.
The lighthouse of Halkida got his – Lighthouse name Kakokefalis – from the cape which has been built and named Kakokefali. During the Turkish occupation there was erected the gallows that hung Christians.
When drilling fortification ditches by the Germans during the occupation, they found remains belonging to the Bronze Age, and few Neolithic relics. Found even Hellenistic and Classical tombs. It is believed that there were ancient metal crucibles from which the copper came and iron.

The Bad Head Lighthouse was built in 1886. The tower height is 12 meters and the height of focal plane is 21 metra.Ekpempei two red flashes every 18 seconds. It is an old stone building – castle has four small rooms, toilet and kouzina.O tower of the lighthouse is square, thin, built with stone spliced.
It is one of the few manned lighthouses – just six – the Greek lighthouses network. In Evoia there are ten stone beacons among them Avlidas the lighthouse, the lighthouse Mandylion Karystos, the lighthouse Vasilina.

The cape of Bad Head in Halkida where is the homonym lighthouse is configured in the park and now called Park Lieutenant Dimitrios Stratakos to honor Lieutenant killed in the evening of September 30, 1997, in the maritime area of ​​the island of Skyros, by a fall of the aircraft Mirage 2000.





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