Company C. SILLELIS & Co. founded in 2004 by George Silleli, specializing in national transport by 1998 as carrier, based in New Artaki Evia to cargo handling in the field of National Transport.

More specifically, the company currently has 18 owned and cooperating trailers commercial trucks as well as six syrommena with hydraulic door and 16 trucks dianomon.Me experienced and brilliantly cooperative drivers who hold special licenses ADR flammable goods and in order to better and faster service customers 24 hours a day, it succeeded recognized widespread and constitutes a serious and considerable figure in its partnerships with several notable companies. In all activities of the company C. SILLELIS & Co. applies a Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 certified by BM TRADA with certificate number 8596.


The carrier of a company’s equipment is important, but the people are what make a metaphorical stand.

Knowledge, experience and moral consequence. Technology equipment – Special transport large amounts of cargo, with special construction truck truck, further features and sliding roof system that opens.

Lifting crane systems and where necessary, by a skilled operator. Hydraulic door makes it easy to load bulky items weighing up to 1000 Kg.

New trucks smaller, flexible instruments in the city, especially in urban transport large volume loads, further features and ability to load from the side.


The company performs shipments daily trucking jointly burden Thessaloniki- Northern Greece, Patras ensuring uninterrupted cargo to specific destinations offering:

Drivers license holders special flammable and chemical products A.D.R
Modern IT and communications systems
software configuration capability for each customer and for every need
materials handling methods (FIFO)
Detection by scanning (scanner), per warehouse location code, packaging, palette, color, with IMEI / SN detection systems (International Mobile Equipment Identification / Serial Number)
Storage capacity in a specific and configured according to customer requirements place.



Ethnikis Antistaseos 150


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