Purple Cave Evia. A new marine impressive precipice was explored by members of the Greek Speleological Expeditionary Group in South Evia and specifically in Zarakes.

In North underwater wall are purple-colored algae, from which inspired its name. This is a doline near the sea with two underwater entrances. The size is 15 meters wide and 25 meters long (measurements from google earth). The height of the water surface is approximately 20 meters lower and approximately 25 meters higher. There is an access point on the water surface relatively easy (using security rope). The bottom of the cave is divided into two parts of the land to which they arrive with rappelling and the lake. The pond has almost the same dimensions as the cave (length width) and a depth ranging from 10 meters to about 20 meters.

One end of the lake, to the side of the sea joins it in two places. The first is a large 15m deep arch and the second is a narrow 3-meter deep cleft. The other end of the pond, Mountain showed continuing underwater (sandy bottom) whereupon cavediving, from which emerged that only continues for about 5 meters.

Generally, the cave is a magical place and worth to visit all the speleologists at least once!

Source: http://www.notia-evia.gr/

purple Cave



Ζάρακες Εύβοια


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