The electronic, sliding, arched bridge Evripos, a benchmark for Evia and especially its capital Halkida which it is.

It is part of the name that exists for Halkida the Venetian era. “The corruption of Euripos in Egripo accusative (in Egripo) emerged several variants such Negripo … Negrepo, Negreponte and end Negroponte, who prevailed, while the second component of the name (-ponte) is supposed to refer to the bridge connecting the city the opposite Boeotian coast ”

As each bridge is crossing the middle of the Boeotian coast in Evia and vice versa. Through this is achieved as the transport of cars, and the communication of people. Brings and takes. Develops the trade, agricultural exchanged, livestock, minerals and all kinds of products, but also ideas, opinions, culture.
For Chalkideans the bridge was of particular importance. Sometimes they take them away and chagrin – migration, maritime travel and sometimes brought them back nostalgic of their place.

Many times the people of Halkida gathered in the bridge area and enjoyed there with the coolness of the sea breeze, the popular public entertainment, celebrating the naval week with music playing “Music Navy composed of thirty or more instruments with conductor perfect in Tas knowledge and successful execution of all paianizomenon pieces … ”

Besides, the Bridge has always been a feature of Halkida, which was “picturesque spectacle” and offered pleasant moments of tourist visitors to the city.



Old Bridge Halkida


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