The church is built in the 11th century. The monks with the abbot Parthenio fought in the 1821 revolution close to General N.Kriezoti
Monastery Assumption Monastery or “Mantzari” is nunnery. Located 15 km southwest of Kymi. Celebrated on August 23.
The building of the monastery is rectangular, and the four wings there are large buildings where the cells, the guesthouses, the abbot, library, offices, utility rooms, etc .. All the buildings are surrounded by old the monastery fence.
In the middle of the enclosure is the church of the monastery of the Catholic, cross-shaped, single-Byzantine style, without murals or other decoration apart. The interior is lined with a thick layer of lime. Where they have fallen plasters lime look old paintings, faded from time and carved with acid tool to hang lime pasted. The iconostasis adorning the three Byzantine icons of the Virgin, Christ and John the Baptist, dating back to the 16th century.
The monastery maintained a large wooden embossed seal of St. George, exquisite art. The library is very poor, because the old books or destroyed or embezzled.

It is not specified the origin of the name of the monastery. According to one version, named after the first abbot and founder called “Mantzaris”. In another version, the monastery was founded by rich pious woman from the coast of Asia Minor came and he lived a long time and had many “Mantzarou” with her money is. Perhaps the name justified by the great wealth of the monastery, which had many “Mantzarou” and strengthen the poor economics.
When founded the monastery is unknown, since there is no written evidence. The monastery in the 16th century had progressed much and had gained immense real estate, which is certified by doritiria, of sale, court decisions, Sultan’s documents, which are saved in the file. Namely shop seems that the monastery bought the entire property of the old monastery “Vythoula” Styra. Also there is a shop of the estates of the monastery of Kotsikia of eight and land donated Oxylithos residents and limit to the monastery on August 16, 1529. From the above it is concluded that the monastery Mantzari is old.
The monastery took an active part in the revolution of 1821. The monks with the abbot Parthenio fought near General Nikolaos Kriezotis. With the release of Evia, the monks under Abbot Parthenio xanasygkentrothikan the monastery and began the recovery and reconstruction of the ruins left behind hordes of Omer Bey of Karystinli. In 1834 it had 10 staff monks. In the 19th century there was great progress and then fell into decline and in 1910 became a monastery of Sotiros Kimi.





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