The historic, women today, the monastery of Agios Nikolaos Evias lake, called “Galataki”, located at the foot of the steep terms Kandili North Evia, with wonderful views of the area.

According to the prevailing version of the name “Galataki” comes probably from the first after the 10th century founder of the monastery, who was a sailor from the Galata Istanbul (will most likely called Galataki), survived a storm at sea and then He became a monk at the monastery.

In the center of the monastery, the tower stands, used for the defense of the monastery. The monastery also has four dependencies in Evia. Celebrated on December 6th and May 20th, in memory of the translation of St. Nicholas relics.

In 1946 it turned into women. Abbess is the nun Fevronia Kollias (in total there are 6 nuns).

The monastery Galataki has an extremely rich heritage relics, relics, icons, manuscripts and books, priceless. The remains are housed at Catholic in a shrine, resting in the first left column supporting the dome.

The relics are:

1. The right hand of St. Andrew the First-in a silver sheath, in a silver box. 2. Reed (tibia) of the martyr Menas of Kallikeladou in a silver case. 3. The middle finger of Martyr Haralambos in a silver case. 4. Silver plate, containing fragments of relics of John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Tryphon and Fridays. 5. Silver case with relics of St. Kirikos, Modesto and Panteleimon. 6. Small silver case containing the remains of Saint Charalambos, Baptist and Stephen. 7. Small silver case with relics of Saint Charalambos Anargyrou and Dionysius. 8. Silver case with relics Meletios and Panteleimon. 9. Case containing relics of Saint Charalambos, Tryphon, Plato and Mitrodorou. 10. Silver case containing relics of Saints Constantine, Mamas, Sundays and Minas. 11. Five argyrodeta relics Ioannikios the Great, Nikita, Eleftheriou, Stephen Neos and Matrona. 12. Five pieces of relics of Saints Panteleimon, David and Friday, the other two anonymous “.

The monastery is located at an altitude of 120 m. From the sea and accessible only from the west. Located 10 km from the monastery lies the picturesque coastal town Lake.

The pilgrim who now wishes to visit the historical monastery, in possession of the asphalt road, which starts from the beach of the lake and crosses the picturesque locations: Katounia, Marantza and St. George, leading to the entrance of the monastery.





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