In the area of ​​St. Stephen at the entrance of Halkida opposite the source of a range of Arethousa survives consisting of four steps carved into the rock, which apparently led to the altar.

The tiered structure carved into the rock and composed of terraces is in the Northeast of the church of St. Stephen in Vathrovouni and is part of the funerary whole area stretching both in slaughterhouses and to Arches and locals scale is known as Skalara.

The monument survived only six steps because modern interventions. The scale has a height of 4 m and 25 cm and its width is 4 meters and 30 centimeters.
The steps (steps) of varying dimensions:
The first step of 1.1 m. Width and height 0.3 m.
The second step of 1.6 m. Width and height 0.45 m.
The third step of 0.8 m. Width and height 0.3 m.
The fourth step of 0.7 m. Width and height 0.3 m.
5th step – landing – 2.3 m. Width and height 0.56 m.
The sixth step of 0.7 m. Width and height 0.45 m.
After the sixth stage is bench height of 0.68 m. Enclosing rectangular area measuring 2.1 m. X 1.05 m.
Local tradition says that the steps leading to the palace of Queen Arethousa, but the actual use was an altar, apparently funerary.
The altars are carved in the rock formed on thrones. Something happens to the geometric years and there are examples in the Hellenistic period.
The configuration of the altar to the throne has to do with the cult of the so called vacuum throne whose beginning is lost in the early years and mainly found in Hittite and Minoans.

Regarding the church of St. Stephen, the church that survives today is built on the ruins of the basilica of early Christian period, probably the middle of the 6th century. A.D.
Excavations carried out in the city of Halkida led to come to light ancient building remains associated with the residential fabric of the ancient city (the area around the Arches – Lilantion and to Agia Eleousa), administrative – religious – Mall (area Vathrovouniou), the ancient market (bus N excavation. Evia – Street Department Arethousis), the road system, the water supply – sewage system was very thoughtful and important major engineering project, the city cemeteries (of Vrontou area and Agia Eleousa ), dating to classical – Roman era.



ΕΟ Χαλκίδας Aλιβερίου


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