KTEL Nomou of EVIA is a transport operator, it operates within the Prefecture of Euboea serving the passenger transport both within the Prefecture and also the transport connection of the Prefecture of Euboea, with many other cities (capitals) of the prefectures of the country. It operates all intercity buses of the Prefecture of Evia, as well as the intercity lines of Thessaloniki, Ioannina & Patras, carrying approximately 2,000,000 passengers annually.

The operation of passenger transport in the form of a bus (KTEL) began in 1952. The owners of various small buses operated by transport linking the villages and towns of their prefecture, as well as those with the major cities in particular Athens, they established KTELs in all the prefectures of Greece with each prefecture having its own. Since then KTEL buses carry passengers to the most remote village with consistency and safety.

The KTEL bus was the “carrier” of culture from the largest cities in every village when still in some of them there was neither electricity nor emergency ambulance.

Until 1952 the buses were of different types of cars up to a maximum of 12 seats. From 1952 onwards came the first 24-seat buses, which remained until 1962. Since then, the buses have become 32-seat and remained until 1979, when they were replaced with the newer 50-seat buses, which served the KTEL’s transportation activities until in 2000. From 2000 onwards the old 50-seat buses began to be replaced by their owners with new 50-seat buses that were either slightly used to the best of their condition imported from European countries or new especially after 2002-2003.

The buses that are currently included in KTEL EVIAS SA, are from 1 to 10 years old and provide excellent service and complete safety to their passengers, since they are equipped with the most sophisticated systems available for these purposes.




Στύρων 1, Χαλκίδα


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