Women today Saviour Monastery is located 4 km north of Kymi, a steep and desolate surroundings, 250 meters above sea level.
According to tradition it was founded by monks of Mount Athos in the 15th century. There is the 1643 stamp which is divided into four, as seen on Mount Athos, reinforcing this view. It is said that these monks fled from the Turks and found refuge here.
The monastery is a very large building complex. It is fortress view and surrounded by four buildings wings. On the walls of the buildings are built different architectural elements from pre-Christian edifices.
In the center is the church of the Transfiguration, which is believed to be Byzantine. Internally the whole church is whitewashed. Disasters, repairs and time have wiped out his past. The temple is carved. Temple decorate icons transferred from dissolved monasteries. Notable is the brocade epitaph of Deposition transferred from dissolved monastery, probably the single Furnace as both chalices monastery Furnace, transferred after the dissolution and liquidation of the assets of 1926.
At the top, on the north side of the monastery, there was a large tower, fortress of the monastery, the monks had built for their defense. Many years ago he demolished by themselves, because they had now crumbled and was dangerous.
The monastery had a large number of monks in the 17th century, it has progressed a lot and had great spiritual radiation. It was the center of the Aegean monasteries, where he lived and the commissioner of the monasteries.
The monastery was destroyed by the Pasha of Karystos Omer Bey during the years 1821-1823. but it was restored in 1847 by pioneers Captair D. Giannakis, G.. John D. Municipality and donations of local residents.
Important was also the contribution of the monks in the national resistance, 1941-1944. During the German occupation, the monastery was a place of refuge and escape patriots.
The monastery has a noteworthy ecclesiastical writings of the 18th and 19th century, and religious relics, including a gold-embroidered epitaph of 1635.
Inside the temple are kept reliquaries with relics of saints and martyrs like Saint Tryphon, St. Nicholas, St. Charalambos, Agia Paraskevi.
On August 6, the monastery was solemnly celebrated in honor of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Also celebrated on December 20 to St. Ignatius, in honor of which he built a chapel on the northeast corner of the monastery.





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