The Virgin Paravouniotissa, considered one of the most important religious monuments of Eretria. Low Sunday, the procession of the image, while the day offered food and dishes. The image of Our Lady reminds descendants of refugees from Asia Minor Eretria their unforgettable homelands and in particular the village Gallimi, they moved.
The image of the Virgin Paravouniotissas allegedly painted the 7th century AD, the era of the Byzantine Empire, on King Heraklion, after a victory over the Persians. Hagiographers image was two hermits monks from Cyprus, Silvestros and Isaiah who lived as ascetics mountain where they built a chapel to the Virgin name, which because it was just the tip of the mountain gave its name to Mary, ” Paravouniotissa ‘. Later, the church was set on fire by the Franks, and the ruins were buried for centuries until they were accidentally shepherds.
After the exchange of populations from M. Asia, refugees who came to Eretria brought in two large boats image of the Virgin, as well as a whole other 410 images. The expatriates Gallimites, in tears, their first night in Eretria, Procession pictures to the church of St. Nicholas.
In honor of the miraculous icon was created by Presidential Decree new Parish in Erétria (31-3-1999) and in 2002 built the church of Our Lady Paravouniotissas. On April 12, 2010 Metropolitan Halkidos Mr. Chrysostom put the foundation stone for the construction of a new, larger church.



Vareaki & Dionysiou Glafkipou


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