The gorge of Neleus (Arapi), situated in a wooded area between the villages turn – Amelantes – Agia Anna – Palaiovrysi – CERAMICS. The name comes from the river Neleus, which crosses the gorge. The sources of the start up of the village Cherry joins the Kirea and cast out of the Aegean Sea on the beach of Cold Faucet in ancient Kirinthos. Reports on the river are from Homer, and according to Strabo, sheep drank from Kirea spawned white water while sheep drank from Neleus gave birth mafra.O river Nileas during long path formed the shape of there hills and mountains in a wild ravine with rocks contiguous to the height of the two sides to reach up to 80 metra.To the gorge has a computer in the course of 7-8 hours are inaccessible while a few points need swimming.

The cave: the Ottoman period had become a refuge for local residents. Locals built their own hidden paths and small cave that is in the gorge used it hideout. In the summer of 1823 the residents trying to escape the fury of the Turks and hid tampourothikan straight to the cave. The Turks discovered, not having another way to make them put out big fire at the entrance of the cave leading to all die from suffocation.

The rock of Bolovinainas: The Bolovinaina was from St. Anna a heroic figure of the Greek Revolution in Evia. To avoid capture by the Turks preferred to fall from a high rock in the gorge of Neleus. This rock is called in honor of the “Bolovinainas”. Also the years of German occupation, the gorge was used for hiding.

Route: On the road from Halkida on the Lake, after STROFILI right there is the exit to the village CERAMICS. The gorge is located on the road between CERAMICS – Palaiovrysi – Agia Anna. En route from St. Anna in the village we turn to Palaiovrysi – CERAMICS.
Distances: From Agia Anna 2 km from Halkida through CERAMICS 71 km from Edipsos 46 km through Lake. From Istiea 43 km via St. Anna from Pefki 45 km through the villages Royal, priests, Agia Anna.



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