The ancient theater of Eretria, in central Evia, is currently the most impressive of the monuments of ancient Eretria. Remarkable and surprising, is that the construction is not an existing hillside was used, but built on an artificial hill. The theater, in his heyday, could accommodate 6,300 spectators.

It was first sometime in the 5th century BC, probably after the passing of the Persians and the destruction of the city. The stage and the orchestra was at the same level. The biggest edge of the saw in the 4th century BC .. Then had eleven rows with ten scales each while the orchestra enters three meters deeper than the level of the stage. The height difference created between the stage and the orchestra covered by building domed underground passage, from which he derived the center of the orchestra.

In the construction of the theater was used for the foundation of local limestone and limestone for the lanes. The lanes were inclined towards the orchestra in order to reduce the height of the hollow of the theater. After the destruction of the theater by the Romans in 198 BC, rebuilt with more cheap materials. The Ionic columns that were in the front were replaced with Doric type.

Today the visitor can admire the remains of the stage and above the vaulted underground passage leading to the center of the orchestra. Unfortunately, a large part of the rows of seats has been stolen by looters. The monument was excavated by the American School of Archaeology and Local Antiquities is making substantial efforts to restoration.





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